The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.  Pablo Picasso

Drawing and painting have been my passions for as fare back as I could remember. I recall as a child getting lost in my world of art. I would meditate on storied, fabricated in my own mind, to go along with what I created on the sheets of paper my parents would give me to keep me occupied. I could spend all day working and daydreaming on one project.

It is always a pleasure to hear from other people about what they need painted and bringing their ideas to light.  I have done many freelance jobs for friends and acquaintances.  I have even worked on children’s books as well as comic books.

I also paint murals for homes and have done window displays for companies in down town Ann Arbor.  I love to bring my vision of my world to life and hope to inspire others to share their art as well.

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